Filming and DI with 3 perf/ 2 perf

A Dolby DCI JPEG2000 Encoder is installed in i-Magic

Key test frame to enhance your digital film scanning and output

Flame 2008
, special for high end HD and 2K Visual effects work
4 Stones to engage multi-feature movie work load

a story on DV film making being on the front line.,
.....a 35mm Cinematic film theatric release in big screen  
See this movie in Hong Kong and China,
see this in Film Festivals around the world, and
see this movie winning best director award

DE/Digital Entertainment Person of the Year

A GDC Server EN1000 in i-Magic

MII is best for your film scanning and DI prep, second only to the faithful Kodak Genesis Plus


Digital Intermediate Solution Work-flow


Honorary Member of the "Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers"

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Heavy Optical is part of Digital-X, which operates in a cross platform technology and production supports with: 

Film Magic,
for filming and image acquisition

Digital Magic,
for Digital Film and Video Post-production

for D-cinema, D-signage, and 3dStereoscopic Vision technology

Wings of Asia,
for Aerial film work

3d animation, Philippines



Heavy Optical and i-Magic based in Hong Kong,
would like to shared with you the brave new world to the richness of color,
color depth way above Cinema's P3 quality,
aimed for our immediate future HDMI 2.0 and UHDTV Rec 2020
please enjoy... : ), Digital Cinema/DCP, 3D stereo, and New Media, DI, Film restorations, and Laser 35mm Film Output

Post production and DCP distribution for "May We Chat" Directed by 翁子光(Philip Yung)


2D Dimensioning - Post 3D for 3D Stereo Cinema contents

It's time to meet our TD/Technical Director Mr. Joey Wang Come see our works in Cinema, Pavilion, and industrial films

A. Full length Movie Features
Deep Gold, released in USA 2010, full length movie
produced by Big Foot Production
direct by ?
Shot in RED ONE, 35mm film and P2

B. VFx Movie Sequences for
Sex and Zen
Child's Eye
Out of Inferno
Lady Assassin
Monkey King, rock opera
Baby Blue
Give me 5
Love you Teresa
Dream Walker

C. Short Films
World Expo Hong Kong 2010, Green Hong Kong
Toa Heung Food Museum
Expo Oil Museum 2010, Aerial Sequence
CLP Ecology now
Games sequences

D. Corporate and TV commercials
Honda car, Thailand
Jennies Hair Shampoo
OPPO Mobile Phone
Samsung 3D TV

Come check out some of the additional works and example for
Cel animation Films
CG animation films
Movie libraries
Industrial contents
*Film scanning and restoration available
At Heavy Optical, all of our 3D stereo production and post-production facilities are provided in-house Deliverables for Digital Cinema DCP, Museum and Pavilion show master, HDCam SR/HQ, and other web media.
Our Team would be happy to assist
Producer: Mr. Ah Lik, +852-35860040,
Ms. Kristy Fung, +852-25715432,
Production coordinator: Ms Kayan So, +852-35860040,
Technical Director: Mr. Joey Wang, +852-25715432,

欢迎大家来我公司的影院观看我们以下的后3D影片内容制作作品,包括,整部电影长片,部分电影长片,短片及特效电影。我们的技术导演王玉珏先生会为您解释 具体的技术和制作细节。

A. 90分钟长片
Big Foot 出品

B. 长篇电影中的部分镜头为后3D制作,

C. 3D短片

D. 3D立体广告部分片段使用2D深度再造技术


制片:张嘉力, Mr. Ah Lik, +852-35860040,
冯如清:Kristy Fung, +852-25715432,
制片助理:苏嘉恩Ms Kayan So, +852-35860040,
技术指演:王玉珏,Joey Wang, +852-25715432,

Our memories with of Indian Vfx services and the special tribute to Indian Vfx designer, and supervisor Venki




Heavy Optical services over 300 movies

1000 short films and TV commercials

From Movie in 35mm celluloid to Digital Cinema DCP distribution Heavy Optical provide in-house facilities for your post-production and finishing works, with our 36 years of experiences, we serve most part of Asia, America and Europe 2D 3D DCP with KDMs Digital Distribution to over 100 countries.

When you work in Hong Kong, you movie would be in a FreePort, enjoying
NO censorship of import and export content is required
NO Sales tax and custom duty on your film works
NO shipment delay, an international hub for shipment
A Very Low tax city for your off-shore distribution plans

Other form of mastering and deliverables available,
Tape, data drive, LTO4/LTO6s, Web content delivery
Accept all type of Video master, from HDCam SR HQ, HDCam,
D-5, DVCProHD, HDV, Digital Betacam, Betacam
Video Format and system converter available, accepting frame rate and cross conversions
24P, field removal, NTSC and PAL mastering
Additional image enhancement with Digital Vision DVNR 2K

Color Grading for HD, 2K, and 4K works
and Depth grading for your 3D contents
2x 3D stereo digital cinema with Dolby 7.1/5.1 audio
2D dimensioning and Post 3D stereo enhancement
35mm Film scanning, physical and digital restoration, re-mastering and archiving

Other International release works include: Versioning edit/re-conform, titling,
censorship cuts, and audio package services are available

Visit our services center in Hong Kong



Heavy Optical is a Digital Film Post-production facility for movie image scanning,
film output, special effects, and film animation productions. We have been providing our film services to various Hong Kong and Asian production houses for 31 years.




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